Ethan Iverson

Technically Acceptable: CD


Release date: 19 January, 2024

Pianist and composer Ethan Iverson follows-up his 2022 Blue Note debut Every Note Is True with Technically Acceptable, a far-ranging new project that presents two different trios—Thomas Morgan/Kush Abadey and Simón Willson/Vinnie Sperrazza—performing a set of striking new Iverson originals plus singular new versions of “Killing Me Softly With His Song” and “‘Round Midnight.” The album concludes with the recorded premiere of Iverson’s Piano Sonata which is given a tour-de-force performance by Iverson himself.

1. Conundrum
2. Victory is Assured (Alla Breve)
3. Technically Acceptable
4. Who Are You Really?
5. The Chicago Style
6. It’s Fine to Decline
7. The Way Things Are
8. Killing ME Softly With His Song 
9. Round Midnight 
10. The Feeling is Mutual 
11. Piano Sonata: Allegro Moderato
12. Piano Sonata: Andante
13. Piano Sonata: Rondo

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