Total Refreshment Centre

Transmissions from Total Refreshment Centre: Store Exclusive Vinyl LP


All the best music has a community underneath it. The extended family around London’s Total Refreshment Centre (TRC) connects continents and generations, creating the rich relationships in full effect on Transmissions From Total Refreshment Centre. It’s an eclectic and electric collection that draws from new school jazz, hip hop, dub, soul, funk, and drill: sounds you’ll hear trailing out of cars as they spin up the Kingsland Road or spiraling out of doorways like so much smoke. Turn it up loud to hear the widescreen young cousins of Guru’s landmark Jazzmatazz in full effect: top players from London, Chicago, and Melbourne seeking out new collaborations, new ways of working, or just new tunes, always coming back to that central truth – that we all need each other.


1. Visions Feat. Kieron Boothe – Soccer96
2. Closed Circle – Byron Wallen
3. Cresent (City Swamp Dub) – Jake Long
4. Eloquence Feat. Miryam Solomon – Matters Unknown
5. Isa Feat. Noah Slee – Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange
6. Black Feat. Brother Portrait – Neue Grafik
7. Plight - Resavoir

Vinyl LP