Shades of Blue (Classic Vinyl Series)


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Release date: 16 June, 2023

The sound of Blue Note had been embedded in hip-hop thru sampling & remixes since its early days but Madlib raised the bar when the DJ, producer, rapper & multi-instrumentalist invaded the Blue Note vaults for his 2003 masterpiece Shades of Blue, a visionary album featuring remixes & reimaginations of classics by Donald Byrd, Bobbi Humphrey, Ronnie Foster, Bobby Hutcherson, Wayne Shorter & more.

This 2-LP Blue Note Classic Vinyl Edition was mastered by Kevin Gray and pressed on 180g vinyl at Optimal.



Side A

1.           Introduction

2.           Slim’s Return

3.           Distant Land

4.           Mystic Bounce

Side B

5.           Stormy

6.           Blue Note Interlude

7.           Please Set Me At Ease

8.           Funky Blue Note

9.           Alfred Lion Interlude

Side C

10.         Stepping Into Tomorrow

11.         Andrew Hill Break

12.         Montara

Side D

13.         Song For My Father

14.         Footprints

15.         Peace / Dolphin Dance

16.         Outro

Vinyl LP