Jacky Terrasson



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Release date: 27 September, 2019

53 is an album unlike any other in pianist Jacky Terrasson’s prolific career, a magnificent collection of 16 original pieces in the form of an intimate confession, brought to life by a varied cast of trio mates, and performed at a level of mastery that places the pianist among of the greatest artists in Jazz.Terrasson takes his listeners on a tour of his musical aesthetics: varying moods, styles, rhythms and references which create a kaleidoscopic universe of sounds.


1. The Call
2. Alma
3. Mirror
4. Jump!
5. Kiss Jannett For Me
6. Palindrome
7. La part des anges
8. Babyplum
9. What happenes au 6eme
10. My Lys
11. Lacrimosa – Mozart: Requiem in D minor
12. Nausica
13. This is mine
14. la part des anges - Reprise
15.Blue en Femmes Majeures
16. Resillience

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