Wayne Shorter

Celebration, Volume 1: CD


Release date: 23 August, 2024

Blue Note Records has announced an August 23 release of Celebration, Volume 1, the first in a series of archival releases that the legendary saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter curated before he passed away in 2023. This thrilling 2014 live recording captured Shorter’s acclaimed quartet with pianist Danilo Perez, bassist John Patitucci, and drummer Brian Blade at the Stockholm Jazz Festival in Sweden. The intrepid set includes some of the band’s favorite vehicles of exploration including “Zero Gravity,” “Smilin’ Through,” “Orbits,” “Lotus,” and “She Moves Through The Fair.” The album is introduced today with the single “Edge of the World (End Title),” a theme by composer Arthur B. Rubinstein from the 1983 film WarGames.


1. Zero Gravity to the 15th Dimension
2. Smilin’ Through
3. Zero Gravity to the 11th Dimension
4. Zero Gravity to the 12th Dimension
5. Zero Gravity – Unbound
6. Orbits
7. Edge of The World (End Title)
8. Zero Gravity to the 90th Dimension
9. Lotus
10. She Moves Through The Fair

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