Dizzy Gillespie

The Ebullient Mr. Gillespie (Verve, 1959): Vinyl LP


Release date: 12 June, 2024

The band Dizzy Gillespie assembled for this date — Junior Mance, Les Spann, Sam Jones, and Lex Humphries — was for the most part a working band on the club & concert circuit, offering a mixture of Gillespie’s entertaining songs, established repertoire, & some Latin & African-influenced pieces. With them, Dizzy found a middle ground in his music that gave his legacy room to breathe, but with much more rhythmic variety.

The Ebullient Mr. Gillespie

Side A
1.    Swing Low
2.    Always
3.    Willow Weep For Me
4.    Ungawa

Side B
1.    Lorraine
2.    Girl Of My Dreams
3.    Constantinople
4.    The Umbrella Man

Vinyl LP